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Communication at Karori Normal School  

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At Karori Normal School we value open and clear communication between home and school. We would like to thank you for the feedback and suggestions we have received to improve our processes. We have made some changes that we need to inform you about. Please find below an outline our processes for sending and receiving information to and from the community. 

KNS Newsletters


We produce a weekly school newsletter every Wednesday which is sent out electronically via eTAP.  The newsletter contains important information such as dates and reports of school events, plus communications from the Principal, the Board of Trustees and PTA. 


Term 3

Newsletter No 23 21st Aug 2019

Community News 21st Aug 2019

Newsletter No 22 14th Aug 2019

Community News 14th Aug 2019

Newsletter No 21 7th Aug 2019

Community News 7th Aug 2019

Newsletter No 20 31st July 2019

Community News 31th July 2019

Newsletter No 19 24th July 2019

Community News 24th July 2019.pdf

Term 2

Newsletter No 18 3rd July 2019

Community News 3rd July 2019

Newsletter No 17 26th June 2019

Community News 26th June 2019

Newsletter No 16 19th June 2019

Community News 19th June 2019

Newsletter No 15 12th June 2019

Community News 12th June 2019

Newsletter No 14 5th June 2019

Community News 5th June 2019

Newsletter No 13 22nd May 2019

Community News 22nd May 2019

Newsletter No 12 15th May 2019

Community News 15th May 2019

Newsletter No 11 8th May 2019

Community News 8th May 2019

Newsletter No 10 1st May 2019

Community News 1st May 2019

Term 1

Newsletter No 9- 10th Apr 2019

Community News 10th Apr 2019

Newsletter No 8- 3rd Apr 2019

Community News 3rd Apr 2019

Newsletter No 7- 27th Mar 2019.pdf

Community News 27th Mar 2019

Newsletter No 6- 20th Mar 2019

Community News 20th Mar 2019

Newsletter No 5- 13th Mar 2019

Community News 13th Mar 2019

Newsletter No 4- 6th Mar 2019

Community News 6th Mar 2019

Newsletter No 3- 27th Feb 2019

Community News 27th Feb 2019

Newsletter No 2- 20th Feb 2019

Community News 20th Feb 2019

Newsletter No 1- 13th Feb 2019

Community News 13th Feb 2019

Our communication to you:


Each week on a Wednesday this will be emailed to you via our etap system. The email will come from Karori _Normal _School@ etap.co.nz. 

Discoveries with the Deputy Principals 

Each week on a Friday this will   be emailed to you via our etap system. The email will come from Karori _Normal _School@ etap.co.nz. You will also find both of these documents on the website.

School emails from the office              office@kns.school.nz                                               

Any school information regarding whole school events, team trips, interviews, invites to assemblies, class organisation, PTA, camps, etc will be sent through the etap system.

Teachers and Teams

All teachers will use either their own KNS gmail or the etap email to send out any individual, class or team information. All Team newsletters will be sent to you via the etap email and are also on the website

Sport communication

Any information regarding an upcoming event will be emailed to you. This will be emailed to you via our etap system. The email will come from Karori _Normal _School@ etap.co.nz

Parent Portal

The purpose of the parent portal is to share confidential and general school information with parents. It is a password protected portal for parents to access a range of information about children’s learning and pastoral care. The school has full control of the information presented to parents. You will no longer need to log into the parent portal to access any newsletters. They are no longer on the parent portal.


The Karori Normal School website has been updated and will be refreshed each term with current information. The school calendar is current and updated daily as required.

Your communication to Karori Normal School

The school office hours are 8:30 until 3:30 pm. The contacts are 04 476 7209 or  office@kns.school.nz

If your child is away please use the Absences line, absences@kns.school.nz or 04 476 7228

Please find the staff email contacts so you are able to communicate with your child’s teacher, team leader, Deputy Principals or Principal. 2019 Staff Emails

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child, please contact your child's classroom teacher first to raise your concern. The classroom teacher will then talk to Andrea and Carol to determine further support.  The importance of a strong home and school relationship is valued and together we can share in your child’s enjoyment and belonging at Karori Normal School.

Andrea Peetz and Carol Pilcher