Karori Normal School

The Curriculum




The Curriculum at Karori Normal School  is based on the New Zealand Curriculum document and reflects the Values of Karori Normal School.


At Karori Normal School the Curriculum is organised into core and rich areas of learning. The core areas of English, Mathematics and Statistics are the foundations for all learning. The rich curriculum comprises Health, Science, Social Studies, Arts and Technology. All of these curriculum areas are approached through five key concepts and delivered through an inquiry approach.


The inquiry approach is a way for teachers to facilitate students’ thinking and learning through asking questions, investigating, reflecting and creating. The inquiry approach allows students to have greater input into their learning and offers a variety of options for how students can investigate and present their work; including oral, written, e-learning tools and performance. Students are involved in making decisions about their learning so they are engaged and can take part in new experiences. The Arts are used to express and communicate ideas, thinking and expression of self. The Arts can be taught with links to the inquiry or independently.

The five concepts are Systems, Change, Cause and Effect, Identity and Diversity. Children will revisit the Key Concepts at least three times during their time at KNS to enable deeper understanding to be developed. Teams design their programmes around the four-term year. School-wide programmes like Health and Physical Education, Education Outside the Classroom and the Arts are mapped out on a two year cycle and are balanced with the curriculum.


Inquiry Framework