Karori Normal School

Assessment & Reporting




Assessment at our school serves two interrelated purposes: informing teaching and learning as it happens, and accumulating information for reporting to parents and the Board of Trustees.  Principles, practices and the programme for assessment and reporting are described below.  All judgements of student achievement and progress draw on multiple sources of information, analysis of the information, and making dependable decisions on successes and future learning priorities.

We aim to involve students in communicating about their learning by having an active part in their goal setting,  and student-led conferences.  We do this by allowing students to select evidence throughout the year that shows their progress and achievement. These are held at various times through the year. Parents and teachers communicate regularly about progress and achievement as either see the need for further discussion.


Characteristics of effective assessment:

  • benefits students
  • involves students
  • supports teaching and learning goals
  • is planned and communicated
  • has a clear purpose



For further information about assessment and reporting at KNS, please contact Andrea Peetz.