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How you can help your child


The development of a strong partnership between parents/caregivers and the school is very important to us. Schools have changed significantly since many of our parents/caregivers were at primary school. To enable us to have a genuine partnership with parents/caregivers, we feel it is important for them to have an understanding of how our programmes operate and why we do things the way we do. We organise regular opportunities for parents/caregivers to learn more about our school. We host a range of information and consultation sessions for parents/caregivers throughout the year, these are advertised in the school newsletter.

Recent information and consultation meeting topics have included:

  • Whanau Hui
  • Open Mornings to introduce new parents/caregivers to our school
  • Consultation sessions regarding the development of classes for the following year
  • An introduction to the programmes we offer to our Year 7/8 children
  • How we cater for the wide-ranging needs of children, particularly focussed on those children who learn differently
  • Changes to our reporting processes


Please find below to the powerpoint presentations from these evenings.


Diverse Learners 

Please also find below links to a range of websites and links which you may find useful in supporting your child’s learning at home.









 New Zealand Curriculum 

Basic Facts 

Basic facts teaching is very important at KNS.  The quick recall of basic facts aids estimation and mental calculation, develops conceptual understanding, strengthens connections within and between strategies and is a prerequisite to working confidently and moving up through strategy stages. The Basic Facts Escalator is displayed in your child's classroom and is used within the maths programme and students should be familiar with the stages.


Useful websites for use in rich curriculum subjects:

New Zealand History Online


Newton's Science Activities 


Te Ara - History of New Zealand


Britannica Online


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