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Term 1 Newsletter


Dear Parents/Caregivers,


Welcome to term 1 with Team Kowhai.  We are rooms 4, 5, 9 and Tui block.  The philosophy of our team is ‘having fun’ while learning.  We have planned an enjoyable term for the children, including activities where all the rooms come together.  The first few weeks will be spent establishing routines and expectations and getting to know each other.  


General Reminders

  • Sunhats are compulsory when children are outside in Term 1.  They can bring one from home or wear a school sunhat.  Hats must be full brimmed or a cap with a back flap.

  • Please make sure your child has suitable footwear so they can fully participate in sports and fitness activities.

  • If your child brings toys to school then they need to understand that they are responsible for them. 

  • Learning independence and self-management is important so please encourage your child to carry and unpack their own school bag.

What’s on this term

  • Sports:  We will be training for the School Athletics every Wednesday up to the event.  The event will be held at Ben Burn Park on Wednesday 13th March with Tuesday 19th March as the postponement date.  Later in the term we will be having a series of cricket lessons run by Karori Cricket Club.

  • Fitness:  Yoga and Jump Jam. We bring the team together every morning to perfect our moves.

  • Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP): PMP is a programme aimed at developing a child’s perceptions and understandings of themselves in relation to their world.  It is a step by step programme that draws on facets of physical education, music, fitness, dance and gymnastics.  Further information about PMP can be found here:  http://www.movingsmart.co.nz/home/schools/pmp/what-is-perceptual-judgement/.  We are unable to run the PMP programme without parent support so you will receive an additional notice asking if you are able to help.  If you are able to attend any (or all) of the sessions, please email James on jappleton@kns.school.nz we would be super grateful.

  • Team Assembly:  Our team assembly this term will be on Monday 22 April from 9:15am in the school hall.  We will follow this with a shared morning tea in the classrooms.

  • Team Trip to Capital E:  On Monday 18th March the whole team will travel by bus into town to attend the Capital E National Arts Festival.  Further information will come out closer to the time.

  • Kowhai Time: Every Friday we get together as a team and provide a range of fun activities aimed at teaching the children skills for school (cutting, gluing, pencil grips, painting, relating to others, managing self, ball handling skills, fine-motor skills).

  • Singing: Every Thursday we will have a session with our specialist music teacher Ms Ward.

  • Kapa Haka:  Every Tuesday we will have a Kapa Haka session with a specialist instructor Hemi Pride.

  • Library: All classes will visit the school library on Fridays.  The children will be able to issue two books a week.  Please remember to send these back on or before the following Friday so that they can issue two new books.

Karori Normal School Values

The Values at Karori Normal School are Empathy, Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.  We base a lot of our conversations and learning around these values. We encourage you to talk with your kids about these values.


Reading at home

Establishing good routines are beneficial when children are learning to read. We will send books home regularly and it would be great if you could read these with your child.  If they want to read to you, this would great, but if they don’t want to, you can read to them. The most important thing is that your child is immersed in language and keeps a positive attitude to learning and books.  Basic sight words and alphabet cards may also be sent home to support your child’s learning, along with some fun ways to implement them at home. When you read with your child have fun with the way it sounds, read with expression like talking. This models a behaviour that makes reading fun, not a task to be completed.  Reading to and with your child should continue to be a fun, relaxing and bonding time.  This year we would like to offer you the opportunity to fill in a reading log daily so that your child and you can track how many books they have read over time. We understand that filling in a regular log is not practical for everybody as we lead such busy lives so this is purely optional for you, just let us know if you would like us to send one home. This can be motivating for some children but not for others so we will let you judge this as you know your child best. If you have any questions about anything, please talk to your child’s teacher.


Kind regards,


Tui Block: 

James Appleton  jappleton@kns.school.nz  

Kath Walrond   kwalrond@kns.school.nz

Lisa Hadfield  lhadfield@kns.school.nz

All three tuiteachers@kns.school.nz

Room 4:  Helena Henley  hhenley@kns.school.nz

Room 5:  Maria Gorrie mgorrie@kns.school.nz

Room 9:  Jo Stevens jstevens@kns.school.nz





Many thanks to the parents who helped last year with shelving books or processing our new readers.


We would appreciate any offers of assistance for this year. We read many books in a week at school and welcome any available help to return the books to the correct place. Our new books also need to be labelled, taped and stamped. Even if you only have ten minutes a day available for organising books this would help us tremendously. Full training will be provided! Please email me if you are able to help  this year, indicating whether you are available to return books to the book room or process new books at home. 


Kind Regards

Jo Stevens