Karori Normal School

Team Pohutukawa - Year 2, 2017

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Term 3, 2017 with Team Pohutukawa!


Our Year 2 team is:

Mrs Brigit Scahill - Room 6, bscahill@kns.school.nz

Ms Wilhelmina Wooff – Room 7, wwooff@kns.school.nz

Miss Becky Koch – Room 8, rkoch@kns.school.nz

Ms Michele Mills – Room 11, mmills@kns.school.nz

Miss Ange Watson – Room 12, awatson@kns.school.nz

Mrs Mel Gregory - Teacher Aide, mgregory@kns.school.nz

Mrs Vicky Wood – Teacher Aide, vwood@kns.school.nz


Thank you for all of your support for the first half of the school year.  We enjoyed many moments together as a team and will continue to do so in Term 3 with Team Time, Jump Jam, Kapa Haka, Singing and any other events that happen throughout the term.


We have an interesting term planned so far with lots of different activities to take part in.  In Week 3 we have a trip to the NZIFF (New Zealand International Film Festival) and in Week 4 we will celebrate Maths Week and incorporate as much maths related thinking into our programmes as we can! 


We are having weekly music lessons with Ms Jacqueline Ward this term where the students will use a variety of musical instruments to create and learn about a variety of elements of music.  For our PE skills sessions we will focus on skipping.  All classes will have two sessions at the Karori Library.  It has been lovely the last two terms visiting the library and seeing how many people remember to bring their city library cards - thank you for your support with this!


Reading and spelling will be sent home in book bags regularly.  Browsing box books are in each of the classrooms as part of the reading material for our learners.  These are a selection of books that may be familiar to the students.  They are made up of mixed levels, which are lower than the guided reading level.  Reading a familiar text contributes to your child’s overall literacy learning and enjoyment of books.  Reading to your children is still so important at this age and for them to enjoy the books you have at home too.


Information about our Open Morning will be in the school notices.  If you can make it, we look forward to seeing you there and sharing the learning that happens in our Year Two classrooms.  This will most likely be towards the end of the term.


Kōrero Books will be sent home after the student led conferences that are in Week 6 and 7 of this term.  The purpose of these books is to collect a variety of work samples from throughout the year that you can enjoy in the years to come! 


The KNS Values are an important part of our Year Two programme and we will continue to highlight the importance of these throughout the year.  Respect, responsibility, excellence, empathy and integrity are the five school wide values.


Here is a brief summary of things happening in each of our classrooms:


Room 6

Monday - Return Poetry folder and spelling notebooks, Team Jump Jam

Tuesday - Team Time (odd weeks), school library session

Wednesday -

Thursday - Music lesson with Ms Ward

Friday - Spelling test, Kapa Haka, PE/Sports afternoon


Room 7

Monday - Return Poetry folder, Team Jump Jam, KNS Library (once the library reopens)

Tuesday - Team Time (odd weeks)

Wednesday -

Thursday - Music lesson with Ms Ward

Friday - Return Homework notebook, Spelling/ BF assessment, Kapa Haka, PE/Sports afternoon


Room 8

Monday - School Library session, Team Jump Jam

Tuesday - Team Time (odd weeks)

Wednesday - Music lesson with Ms Ward, Mrs Maurice teaching 11:45am-3pm

Thursday -

Friday - Kapa Haka, PE/Sports afternoon


Room 11

Monday - Team Jump Jam

Tuesday - Team Time (odd weeks)

Wednesday - Ms Alcock teaching 11:45-3pm (even weeks) 

Thursday - School library session (once the library reopens)

Friday - Music lesson with Ms Ward , Kapa Haka, PE/Sports afternoon


Room 12

Monday - Team Jump Jam

Tuesday - Team Time (odd weeks)

Wednesday - Mrs Maurice teaching 9am-11:45, school library session

Thursday - Music lesson with Ms Ward

Friday - Kapa Haka, PE/Sports afternoon


It is best to communicate with us via email or in person as we can’t always check the phone messages.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need to arrange a time to meet.


Thanks for your support.


Ange Watson, Wilhelmina Wooff, Michele Mills, Brigit Scahill and Becky Koch