Karori Normal School

Road Patrols


Year 7 and 8 children are trained each year to act as road patrollers on the pedestrian crossing on Donald St and on the Kea Crossing on Campbell St. Teachers assist with supervision on Donald St and a team of parents assists with supervision on Campbell St. The road patrollers are on duty from 8.30am to 8.55am each school morning and from 3.00pm to 3.15pm each afternoon.


Every week the names of the children who will be on road patrol duties for that week are published in the school newsletter and on this website.



Patrols Term 1 2017  Donald Street

Please be prompt to the crossing by 8.30 and 2.50 pm. Patrols and Jackets are kept in the corridor by the Library. It is your responsibility to swap if you are unable to do duty in advance and let Mrs Peetz know. We must have patrols out everyday for all students and families safety.












Wk 1

30 Jan -3 Feb




Maya A R33

Alexia P R22

Andrew H R24

Luca O R24

Ainsleigh F R34

Kezia W R34

Wk 2

6 -10





Riley S R24

Aaron L R24

Tom SO R34

Shaked BS R34


Isabelle G R34

Grace A R34

Kate B R24

Ruby N R25

Wk 3

13 -17




Charlie W R23

Emilie R R23

Ollie R R23A

Tamzin  R23A

Benji McG R33

Susannah F R33

Stella S R23A

Grace W R23A

Alice M R25

Emily W R25

Wk 4



Axel D R22

Tommy H R23

Charlotte S R33

Jaimie S R33

Maia P R33

Luka GC R33

Alex C R35

Marta G R35

Molly S R23

Luke M R23


Wk 5

27 Feb

3 Mar



Rosie PB R23

Me’mya PH R23

Isabella N R23A

Kilian H R23A

India S R35

Rory Lynch R35

Luke H R25

Andrew D R25


Peam M R22

Luca P R22

Wk 6

6 -10



Saxon M R23

Ethan G R23

Riana P R33

Eva T  R33

Lauchie E R33

Ollie J R35


Hannah B R24

Isaac H R24

Maddy C R25

Amelia H R25

Wk 7





Ayesha R22

Manu NC



Aria T R22

Millie D R22

Nico D R23A

Eva A R22


Sophia L R23A

Sabine K R22

Lucy R R35

Eva T R35

Wk 8




Lydia W R23

Ethan B R23

Jonathan A R23A

Ezekiel W R23A

Evie M R23A

Amogh P R25

Eva W R23

Hayley P R25


Mollie A R34

Sophie S R35

Wk 9

27 - 31




Hannah B R24

Aleisha B R25

Jayne A R25

Georgia N R25



Sam F R24

Hamish Mc R22

Baeleigh F R23A

Ashley C R22

Sophie C R33

Sydney D R35

Wk 10




Jessica H R34

Kate Morton R34


Andrew H R24

Luca O R24

Ainsleigh F R34

Kezia W R34

Maya A R33

Alexia P R22

Isabelle G R34

Grace A R34

Wk 11



Carrick C R24

Tom C R25

Riley S R24

Aaron L R24

Tom SO R34

Shaked BS R34


Kate B R24

Ruby N R25

Good Friday


Please contact Andrea Peetz apeetz@kns.school.nz if you have any questions regarding road patrols.