Karori Normal School

                              Walking School Bus

Karori Normal School currently has one official Walking School Bus (WSB) in operation. This bus 'departs' from the Karori Fire Station at the city end of Karori Road at 8.20am each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Two parents/caregivers take turns accompanying the children to school.

The WSB operates similarly to a real bus, in that it leaves from designated 'bus stops' at specific times and follows a planned route. Parents/caregivers of participating families take turns to accompany WSB children to school.

Walking School Buses encourage a safe, healthy, active, social and sustainable journey to school. Some of the benefits are:

· Walking can improve health and fitness, as well as concentration, memory and learning

· Children develop a positive attitude towards walking

· Children have the opportunity to learn and practise road safety

· Walking helps reduce traffic congestion at the school gates

· Walking is environmentally friendly

· Children and parents get to know other families in their neighbourhood

· WSBs help foster independence by walking with other parents

· The WSB can help establish skills and a routine for children who want to walk to school by themselves when they are older and also walking buddies from the WSB

· By sharing the responsibility with other parents, it can free up your mornings.

If you have queries or are interested in setting up a WSB in your area please contact Miett Fear miettfear@gmail.com.

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