Karori Normal School

Karori Normal School

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Families, Fundraising and Fun – building our school community and providing extra resources

The Karori Normal School PTA is an active group of parents and teachers who work together to:

(a) provide a link between the children, parents/caregivers and the school

(b) bring the school community together in social or informative activities

(c) help raise funds to provide improved facilities and opportunities for members of the School community

(d) encourage and support family involvement in school activities.

What does the PTA do?

The PTA is involved in events that help build the school community, fundraising opportunities that allow the school to provide extra resources and volunteer work within our school.

Here are some of the many activities the PTA organises:


  • We welcome in the school year with our annual 'Get to know others' PTA hosted drinks and nibbles 
  • The KNS Ultimate Challenge – a team-based challenge where the students compete in teams of ten in a variety of physical, creative and mental challenges
  • Man vs Karori – this year’s fun networking event was held for the men in the school community to get together and learn from some of our great local talents
  • Kids' Artwork Calendars and Cards - working with teachers to produce the calendars and cards in time for Christmas gifts
  • Staff Appreciation Day - the PTA provides teachers with lunch supplied by the school community, and a day away from lunch time playground duties to show the school community's appreciation of all they do
  • Entertainment Books – distribution of discount books for families to utilise Order Now
  • Discos - organising and providing fun discos for all ages groups across the school.


How do I get involved?

Being a part of the PTA is a great way to get involved in your children's school. We always welcome newcomers, so please feel free to join us

We meet every second Wednesday of the month during term time in the KNS staffroom at 7.30pm.

If you are new to the school, or want to find out more, feel free to contact someone on the committee to ask for the low down on how things work, what’s involved and ask any of those questions you've always wanted to ask.

We would welcome your contribution to the school community; whatever time you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

Please pop into a meeting. We would love to see you, or fill out a form available from the office to show you are keen as a PTA member or a friend of the PTA (someone who can help out but can’t commit to the meetings), or email us on kns.pta@gmail.com


PTA Sign up form


Meeting times are always posted in the newsletter under the ‘Important Dates’ section so you won’t miss out.

The current PTA committee consists of:

Chair:   Antony Kennedy

Secretary: Edy MacDonald

Treasurer: Phil Springford

Membership Coordinator: Tom Percy


We are always looking for new members to take on a variety of fun and rewarding tasks.  Most of our members also hold down day jobs and so roles are extremely manageable.

How does the PTA allocate the funds raised?

The allocation of PTA fundraising is done via a 'fundraising wishlist' developed by staff and the Board of Trustees, which prioritises the projects for fundraising investment.

The ‘fundraising wishlist’ is discussed and agreed at the PTA - ensuring there is alignment between the board and staff priorities and PTA funding allocation.