Karori Normal School


Parent Portal

The purpose of the parent portal is to share confidential and general school information with parents. It is a password protected portal for parents to access a range of information about children’s learning and pastoral care. The school has full control of the information presented to parents. 

Please view the KNS parent portal video to assist you with navigation

Parent Portal Demo







You will receive a User ID that is linked to your email. When you go the the parent portal on the website you would need to enter your User ID and then request a password. You will be able to request to change your password, but you are unable to change your ID.


When you first navigate the parent portal you will be asked to select notifications. Each child is automatically assigned messages or documents, so one notification per child. 

We have requested that this be changed to one notification per family, but have been advised that the programme is not set up this way at this point in time.

To minimise multiple notifications if you have more than one child please  read carefully.

●      Parents cannot control the number of  notifications within the phone app, but they can unsubscribe to the email notifications if they are getting too many of them via their dashboard. 

●      So if this is an issue you could unsubscribe to emails for documents for 2 of the 3 children - resulting in only one email notification for uploaded documents. 

●      If you switch between siblings and untick the documents one (and notices if this is only used for schoolwide) for all but one child - leave the teacher and homework ticked as these are class or individual specific



These are some of the details you are able to access on the parent portal.

●       View child’s reports 

●       Mid year reports 

●       End of year reports 

●       View child's attendance 

●       View contact information 

●       View Medical information 

●       View Billing/accounts 

●       View School calendar 

●       View Term dates 

●       View Newsletters


If you have any questions regarding the parent portal please contact James Appleton at jappleton@kns.school.nz or Phil McIntosh at pmcintosh@kns.school.nz