Karori Normal School


 Discoveries with the Deputy Principals


Each week we will share some information with you about learning at KNS and some of the ways we can build a stronger connection with parents and families.


Term 1



How you can help your child


The development of a strong partnership between parents/caregivers and the school is very important to us. Schools have changed significantly since many of our parents/caregivers were at primary school. To enable us to have a genuine partnership with parents/caregivers, we feel it is important for them to have an understanding of how our programmes operate and why we do things the way we do. We organise regular opportunities for parents/caregivers to learn more about our school. We host a range of information and consultation sessions for parents/caregivers throughout the year, these are advertised in the school newsletter.

Recent information and consultation meeting topics have included:

  • Whanau Hui
  • Open Mornings to introduce new parents/caregivers to our school
  • Consultation sessions regarding the development of classes for the following year
  • An introduction to the programmes we offer to our Year 7/8 children
  • How we cater for the wide-ranging needs of children, particularly focussed on those children who learn differently
  • Changes to our reporting processes





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