Karori Normal School

 Kiss and Drop Zone

The Kiss and Drop Zone operates from 8.30am - 8.55am each school morning. The purpose of the zone is to improve safety in Donald St by managing traffic flow . The Kiss and Drop zone occupies four car parks outside the main entrance to school on Donald Street. The zone is designated by orange cones and is operated by volunteer parents/caregivers who wear high-visibility vests.

Parents and caregivers are asked to drive into one of the 4 car parks, an adult will open your car door and assist your child/ren out of the car and direct them to the school entrance. Meanwhile you can drive away leaving the space free for the next vehicle.

If you are able to assist as a parent/caregiver volunteer please contact,  Suzanne Woodley suzanne_woodley@yahoo.co.uk


Road Patrols


Year 7 and 8 children are trained each year to act as road patrollers on the pedestrian crossing on Donald St.  Teachers assist with supervision on Donald St. The road patrollers are on duty from 8.30am to 8.55am each school morning and from 3.00pm to 3.15pm each afternoon.


Every week the names of the children who will be on road patrol duties for that week are published in the school newsletter and on this website.



Patrols Term  

Please be prompt to the crossing by 8.30 and 2.50 pm. Patrols and Jackets are kept in the corridor by the Library.  It is your responsibility to swap if you are unable to do duty in advance and let Annie Kenning  (medical@kns.school.nz) know. We must have patrols out everyday for all students and families’ safety.