Karori Normal School

Rōpū Kōwhai Home Learning Information

Wednesday 25 March


Dear Parents and Caregivers,


We hope you and your families are well. Please understand that all of this is optional.  Some of our amazing tamariki may be scared, anxious or missing friends and family members. You may also have lots of other events happening in your lives. You know your child best so will be able to decide what is best for them. At the end of all this your child’s mental health will be more important than any academic skills.

We would like to ensure that we have contact with you on “school days” so keep an eye on the Seesaw app or your emails for a daily check in from us.


Every child’s development and needs are different so here are some options for you to choose from if you wish.


  • Set up your own picture timetable (draw pictures for things you want to do on pieces of paper or card.) You can put the events in order each day.
  • Read one of the books sent home to yourself, a teddy or someone in your house.
  • Listen to a story - someone reading to you is always best but there is also Goodnight Kiwi or https://www.storylineonline.net/ . There are also lots of free books available for children to listen to on Audible.
  • Choose an activity from  Sunshine Online  Literacy and Maths.  (if you have access to a computer).  Our school Username: karorinormal Password: school 
  • Try Gonoodle for some action songs we use on wet days.
  • This is the link to the Mindfulness activities we use daily in Team Kowhai.
  • Practise writing / writing your name / making some letters  (use chalk, paint, paint brush and water outside or playdough etc.)
  • Draw a picture for a friend or family member who is not in your house. You could photograph this and email it to them or save it for when you meet up.


Possible daily tasks (if you fancy)


  • Make an Easter basket.
  • Help make breakfast, lunch or dinner – peeling bananas, measuring porridge oats, spreading jam, making and cutting sandwiches – these are all great for strengthening fine motor skills, increasing confidence in themselves as capable learners and you can also discuss measurement and fractions. Processes such as making a sandwich also require sequencing.
  • Help with baking – lots of measurement, sequencing and fine motor coordination needed.
  • Do a job around the house e.g. fold the laundry, put matching socks together, lay the table, tidy your room, make your bed, do the dusting etc.
  • If you can, you may just want to play outside, go for walks, bake, paint pictures, play board games or watch movies.
  • Practise tying your shoelaces.


You will have seen that we have sent home books, an alphabet card and some ideas for outside play.  These are just for you and your child to enjoy together if you wish (no pressure). Also in this pack we have sent home a Seesaw code to enable you to post photos from home. 


Your next learning plan will be with you on Wednesday 15 April.

Kia Kaha

Stay safe and we will be in touch soon.


Kind regards



Tuesday 24 March

Hi Parents and Caregivers,

We hope this email finds you well and you are managing to stay safe under these circumstances. Yesterday we sent home books, an alphabet card and some ideas for outside play.  These are just for you and your child to enjoy together if you wish. There is no pressure to do any of this as they are just some ideas. We intend to email you a plan tomorrow with further information around choices for home support.  A reminder that anything included in the plans we send is totally optional. Also in the pack we sent home is a Seesaw code to enable you to post photos from home to your teacher.

If your child was not at school yesterday (Monday 23 March) they will not have received  books, an alphabet card and ideas for outside play. If you missed out because of absence and would like to collect these items for your child you are able to come to Room 6 tomorrow between 9 and 10:30am.  You will be invited into the classroom one at a time to collect them. Please be aware of physical distancing when waiting for collection.

Kind regards

Team Kowhai

Lisa, Helena, Maria, Jo and Kath