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Rōpū Akakura Home Learning Information

Wednesday 25 March

Optional Home Learning

Kia ora te whānau

Warm greetings to you all. For this week’s home learning, there are learning activities below that our Team Akakura tamariki can choose to complete.  

We encourage you to help your child select home learning options that are manageable and are going to work for you in your household. The Choice Board is designed to be a smorgasbord of ideas so that your child can choose some things that they are interested in.  We have supplied online and offline options. We will be in brief daily contact with our home class so that we can keep in touch and support the children this week. It feels strange to think that this is now our last week of term! 

Children can access all this work from a doc on Google Classroom through their own Google accounts. Or this email could be printed out / shared with them.  If there are any hiccups please email your class teacher as we work through any issues together.

We have decided to use Seesaw Class as a means for staying connected with each other. The students enjoy using this app at school and are used to it so they will be able to be independent with it at home. They just need to use their class code which means they can share with their teacher and their classmates too. Teachers need to approve all items so it is a safe platform. 

Your class code is in an email from your teacher and on Google Drive.

NB Your child can access a huge range of online books through the Wellington Library... Wellington Library Link    https://wcl.overdrive.com/library/kids 

Stay well and all the best with everything that you are juggling. 

Ngā mihi nui

Wilhelmina (22), Fiona (23) and Treena (23a)

wwooff@kns.school.nz ,  fcampbell@kns.school.nz ,  ttiller@kns.school.nz 

Kia ora our awesome Akakura students  :) :)  :)     


Choose from any of the tasks in the Week 8 CHOICE BOARD below but try to choose from a range of subjects. 

You can do as many as you like but there is NO need to do them all - they are just options. Quality is better than quantity. :) 

Tips for children

Tips for choosing a text/book that suits you.

You can share your work to your teacher if you like.

You can access Seesaw at home with a phone, ipad etc. This QR code  is your class code.

Your class code has been shared in an email from your teacher and on Google Classroom.

Type it up in Seesaw 

OR take a photo and share to Seesaw.


OR ‘Share’ it or email it to your teacher. 

Or your parent can email your work to us.

OR you can just show your parent(s). :) :)

Use Google Classroom if you like. We will post any email links here as well.

Make sure you type your password in carefully.

Go to Classwork ↓


Mindfulness Activities

Do some colouring and drawing in a quiet space.  

Do a mindfulness activity on your own, with a sibling or with a parent …

Smiling Mind or Yoga .

Find a spot outside.  Lie down and stare at the clouds. Focus on your breathing. Relax.  Look for patterns and shapes.  Let your imagination wander.

KNS Values

See the KINDNESS ideas below and remember...  

Normal Homework 

Learn your spelling words (words in your homework book).

Practise the suggested basic facts (ideas in your homework book).

Read 20 minutes plus per day/night.

P.E. / Fitness

Set up a fitness circuit and (Optional: Seesaw a clip of you exercising hard to 1-3 of your classmates.).

Cricket Skills:

Choose a 'GoNoodle' to move to each day

Ask your siblings, a pet, a toy or a parent to join in with you. :) :) 

Reading based activities

Choose a fictional text from home to read and answer the following questions.

The story takes place at…

What is the story mainly about?

The setting is important to the story because…

The story was mainly written to…

Why did the author write this story?

What is the main problem in the story?

Why do the characters act like they do in the story?

Choose a main character.  How did he/she feel throughout the story?

What do the main characters learn in the story?

Choose a topic on Wonderopolis. Read it. Summarise it in 3-5 sentences. 

 Seesaw your summary?

Read a different picture book to a younger sibling, a pet, a parent or a soft toy each day. (Be expressive and make it fun!)  Seesaw it? Or Seesaw some of it?


based activities

How Does it work?

Write an explanation (An explanation text tells your audience how something works or why something happens) of how the object works. 

Here are some ideas for objects.

Scissors, stapler, key, bike, bow and arrow, door knob, pencil sharpener, can opener, bottle opener, egg beater, spray bottle.

Draw and label the object. 

Remember to edit your work. 

Write a letter or make a card to post/give to someone. Say nice things to boost their mood and make their day.

Or you could write several!

Remember to edit your work. 

Click on the link below to get inspired with your writing. Images to Inspire

Choose the image that inspires you. 

Use the questions as prompts to complete some fabulous writing. 

Remember to edit your work. 


The Arts

If you play an instrument or sing, practise it for 30 minutes.   Seesaw a little to your teacher and 1-4 classmates.

Make up a dance or perform one you already know. Share it to your teacher and  1-4 classmates on  Seesaw.

Practise sketching by drawing something in your garden or by using one of these links… Owl Fox House Garden Forky .


Do some baking at a time that suits a parent. Take special note of the measurements eg. mls, grams.

Play Poker Bingo with a pack of cards You may need an adult to help you the first time but then you can play on your own or with a sibling.

Use a measuring tape to measure the height of everyone in your household. Draw a diagram or make a chart to show the difference in heights using correct units.  Seesaw it? Use a calculator to work out the average

Maths Facts and Knowledge

Addition/Multiplication War

Remove all the face cards from the deck. The ace is worth one. Whoever can yell out the sum of the two cards gets both (or, in Multiplication War, whoever can yell out the result of the multiplication first gets both). The game ends when one player has taken all the cards, or after a set period of time has passed.

Yesikan Number Knowledge and Basic Facts Site (NZ Curriculum) Practise at a level that suits you. Write your answers down and you can mark them yourself.

You can reset it and new questions will appear. You could do this daily if you want to.

Try for a total of

Play this math card game alone or as a team. Lay out 20 cards on the table (leave out face cards or change them to equal 0, while aces equal 1). Remove sets of cards that add up to 10, ultimately trying to remove all the cards from the table. 


Ko wai tātou?

“Weslandia” - Written by Paul Fleischman


This story links nicely with our “Ko wai au?  Ko wai tātou?” inquiry focus for this term.  If you have the book, please read it.  If you don’t have the book, click on the youtube link and read along with the video clip.

Whilst you are at home, can you create your own “Westlandia”?  Start with a culture and language.  What would you name your country?

Extra ideas

Do you have a bookshelf?  Can you put your books in alphabetical order?

Can you sort your books into categories?  

There are extra activities in the Class Seesaw Activities as well.

Science Ideas

STEM activity: How to make a cloud in the jar


“He waka eke noa”

indness options:

Make breakfast for yourself, a sibling or your parents

Tidy your room

Make a poster about kindness.  What does kindness look like?  Sound like? Feel like?

Sweep the floor or vacuum the floor

Wash, dry and put away the dishes

Make another family member’s bed

How could you express your gratitude to your Mum and/or Dad?  Make a card, a cup of tea/coffee, give them a hug and tell them you love them.  What else could you do?  Do it!

What other ways can you think of to show kindness at home?

Tuesday 24 March

Kia ora te whānau


Warm greetings to you all. 


For each week’s home learning, there will be learning activities that our Team Akakura tamariki can choose to complete.  There is no requirement for you to come into school to collect resources for Team Akakura students as we have planned flexible home learning options to cater for all needs as we adjust to distance learning. Resources we have available, if you wish to collect, are: an exercise book, your child’s personal pencil case and a couple of generic reading journals.  Please email your child’s teacher today if you do not have sufficient necessary stationery to support your child’s home learning. Thank you very much for your support and understanding. 


You will receive home learning from your child’s teacher on Wednesday 25 March, Wednesday 15 April and Monday 20 April.  In addition teachers will be in contact every school day, but not in the school holidays. 


It feels strange to think that this is now our last week of term! 


Stay well and all the best with everything that you are juggling. 


Ngā mihi nui

Wilhelmina (22), Fiona (23) and Treena (23a)

wwooff@kns.school.nz ,  fcampbell@kns.school.nz ,  ttiller@kns.school.nz