Karori Normal School



All Primary Sport Wellington events and Western Zones events are currently on hold due to covid. We will continue to update as information becomes available.


At Karori Normal School we acknowledge the important role Sport and Physical Education play in providing students with valuable learning experiences and social skills development.  We provide a range of opportunities for all students throughout the year.

The school runs three annual sports events. Cross Country is normally in term 2, Swimming Sports will run each term, after the team swimming programme, and Athletics in term 4. From these events, year 4-8 students can qualify to represent the school at competitions (against schools from the western suburbs), Wellington and regional events.

We also enter teams in a range of competitive(PSW) and non-competitive(WZ) events. Children from year 4-8 can qualify to take part in the competitive WZ events. For the non-competitive WZ events children from year 5-8 are asked to make a first and second choice from the list of sporting events. They can choose as many competitive sports as they like of which they will be trialed for closer to the event. We do require parent help for all of these events. 

During the year a number of local coaches hold coaching sessions at school. This includes coaches from Waterside Karori Football, Wellington Cricket and a local tennis professional to run the Hot Shots Tennis programme.

Please check the school calendar for upcoming events.


If you have any questions you can contact us via email sports@kns.school.nz.


Bhavik Patel (Sports Co-ordinator) and Ros Ross (Sports Admin)

Sports Co-ordinators