Karori Normal School

Term Dates

2021 Term Dates 


Start date

End date

Term 1

Thursday 4 February

Friday  16 Apr

Term 2

Monday 3 May

Friday 9 July

Term 3

Monday 26 July

Friday 1 October

Term 4

Monday 18 October

Thursday 16 December

Schools will be closed in 2021 on the following days:

Waitangi Day - Monday 8 February 2021 

Staff Only Day - Thursday 1 April 2021

Easter Holidays - Friday 2 April 2021 - Tuesday 6 April 2021

Staff Only Day - Friday 4 June 2021

Queen’s Birthday – Monday 7 June 2021

Staff Only Day - Monday 13 September 2021

Labour Day – Monday 25 October 2021

School Hours


School commences at 8.55am and concludes at 3.00pm.


Morning interval       11.00am - 11.40 am

Lunch                             1.00pm - 1.40 pm


We would prefer it if children did not arrive at school before 8.30am, as we are unable to provide supervision of children before school.


Lunch Orders

School lunches are available three days during the week.

All lunch orders need to be placed in the box at the student counter by 9.00am on that day.
School Lunch Order needs to be completed and stapled to the outside of the envelope.  Correct change must be put in the envelope as no change will be returned.

Hell Pizza - Wednesday

Please pick up at the school hall at lunchtime.

Subway Karori - Thursday (online)

Please pick up at the school office at lunchtime.

Umi Sushi - Friday
 Please pick up at the school office at lunchtime.

Stationery Lists


Stationery New Entrants 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 1 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 2 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 3 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 4 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 5 and 6 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 7 and 8 2021.pdf

Stationery Year 7 and 8 BYOD users only 2021.pdf


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