Karori Normal School

The Key Competencies

The Key Competencies at Karori Normal School are closely linked with our Values. Key Competencies are needed by everyone across many life contexts.

The Key Competencies are strongly linked to all learning areas and are reflected in planning and learning experiences. Students are encouraged to use the common language of the competencies as part of everyday school life.


Key Competency 

Learning Competencies (Thinking and using language symbols, and texts)


  • Asking, investigating and acting on questions that involve critical, creative, lateral thinking
  • Exploring, inquiring and problem solving
  • Making and justifying decisions
  • Reflecting on knowledge, ideas, values and behaviour

Language, Symbols and Texts

The school’s objectives for English and Mathematics & Statistics are the basis for the development of this competency. Those objectives connect across all learning areas and activities.

Personal & Social Competencies (Managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing)

Managing Self

  • Having and working towards goals
  • Staying focused
  • Seeking and acting on feedback
  • Being organised

Relating to Others

  • Showing respect and courtesy
  • Listening and communicating
  • Being open minded and trusting
  • Interacting well with people in different settings

Participating and Contributing

  • Active engagement in community activities
  • Taking leadership and membership roles in various groups