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Te Reo at KNS

Te Reo Māori Lessons 














Te reo Māori lessons provide opportunities for tamariki to learn and use te reo Māori, provide PD for classroom teachers and provide PD for all staff to encourage the use of te reo Māori throughout our kura.  These lessons are planned and implemented by Adrienne Troughton.  

Our teaching approach is highly interactive: we focus on conversational and usable everyday language, taught with lots of games and activities. Topics vary. Each year some topics are taught school-wide, while others are specifically designed for particular teams and age-groups .  Classroom teachers participate in these sessions in order to build up their own knowledge and ability to reinforce new learning in day-to-day classroom life.


We have now had te reo Māori taught throughout the school in this way for about a decade. Each year we build on what has been learnt previously. We are seeing steady growth in confidence and ability. Some instructions are now given only in te reo and short times of immersion are possible.


There are 6 lessons for Year 1-4 and 7 lessons for Year 5 - 8.  Time allocation: Year 1 classes at 30 minutes each,  Y2 and Y3 classes at 35 minutes. Y4 - 8  classes at 40 minutes. There are also 5 extra extension lessons for 8-10 classes across the school. Adrienne’s timetable is created so there is the least amount of clashes with the current Kapa Haka timetable.