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Welcome Message

Welcome to Karori Normal School (KNS). We are a large full-primary school of around 750 children. We work hard to ensure that we are true to our motto, "Tino pai ake - we encourage our children to be the best they can be”. This means that although we are a large school we focus on catering for the individual needs of all our children.

Our School Values: Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Integrity and Excellence are central to the way we interact as a school community. Discussing and reflecting on the values is an integral part of many of our classroom programmes.

We believe in offering a broad and balanced curriculum that is driven by the learners' needs. We place great emphasis on: 

  • The development of high-quality literacy and numeracy skills
  • Working with our children to help them become engaged and inquiring learners who have the skills to ask questions, find answers, evaluate information and take action
  • Providing our children with a wide range of opportunities in the arts, culture and sport
  • Children understanding their own learning, what they need to learn, why they need to learn it and what their next learning steps are.

The development of a strong partnership between parents/caregivers and the school is very important to us. We encourage parents/caregivers to share what they know about their children with us. We have a genuine ‘open-door policy’ and welcome questions and encourage people to raise concerns with us to help us improve our school. 

KNS is a ‘Normal School’. As a ‘Normal School’ we have an ongoing relationship with Victoria University of Wellington regarding Initial Teacher Education. We play an active role in the training of student teachers and providing input to the university about the training programmes offered for student teachers. This relationship is a very positive one for our school. We endeavour to offer high-quality models of practical classroom teaching, to provide the link for student teachers with the theoretical emphasis of the university.

If you would like to know more about our school or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office to arrange a visit.

Email: office@kns.school.nz

Phone: 04-4767209


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